Missing metadata- API problem?

Regarding the above mentioned, just to check if my system is faulty or is it really just the API issues - I'm using Kodi 17.3 and I have TV episodes in my hard drive. Suddenly some (but not all) data started to be scraped with missing information. Sometimes all the information is missing and all I see is just an episode number (although it does show in the TVDB) and sometimes just a photo.

My temporary solution is to update the information manually.

What do you think it might be?

Thanks for any answers regarding this.

No idea.

You could start by providing more information

What are the TV shows?
What data is missing?
Are these new shows you have added to the library, or existing shows already in the library?
What operating system
Provide a debug log. Instructions in my signature below. Use Basic method.

Also, I am moving your post to a new thread in Metadata Scrapers sub-forum
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