Another remote question.
I have a a RPI and KODI works.

As it is only a 2B(+?) I am not flogging it too hard. But I am stuck with the remote control part of things.

It is connected to a network and I can control it from my phone via the NETWORK.

There is a bluetooth option and I finally found a bluetooth dongle.

Plugged it in, "activated it" and.........

There are no apps I can find for my phone (Android) for BLUETOOTH XBMC REMOTE.
Sure there are ones which are listed with "BLUETOOTH REMOTE FOR XBMC" but they are all wifi, or generic IR remotes for other devices.

I am using KORE to control XMBC for now, but as I said, that is via the network.
I can't find any bluetooth options in it, so it is moot.

Sorry folks, but am I missing the elephant somewhere?

Help appreciated.
Are you trying to control it via your phone but over bluetooth? If so, that's not necessary as control over the network is a better choice. If you're looking for a physical bluetooth remote, the amazon fire tv remote works good and is bluetooth.

I think I have "Got over" the problem.

I created a WAP and got the network control working from that.

Just there were problems for me with things. I don't get why there are no apps to control the unit via bluetooth.

What I was looking for was a bluetooth app to control XMBC/KODI via blutooth.

But all good now - I hope.
Quote: I created a WAP and got the network control working from that

Did you not have your Pi on the same network as your phone before? It's good that you got things working, but I don't understand what you think the advantage of controlling Kodi over bluetooth is. Bluetooth is a better option for a physical remote than an Infrared remote which needs line of sight, but your phone has a better option than bluetooth - the network. What are you trying to accomplish with bluetooth control that you can't with network control?
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