why my thread was deleted

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Question  why my thread was deleted
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Why my thread was deleted? link

I'm not trying to open banned repo, I have problem reaching official kodi repos...HuhHuhHuh
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Because your system is polluted with addons and repositories that enable piracy. We do not provide support for any installation that has those addons included, as we've no idea what they've done to your system: many of them alter or over-write core files, for example, and they have even been used as DDoS attack vectors in the past.

Uninstall the piracy stuff, and see if you still get the problems with a clean installation. If you do, then please post a new thread.

Please... search the forum, read the forum rules, post a debug log and useful system information if you've got a problem, and help everyone to help each other.
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The log you submitted revealed that you had a number of banned add-ons installed.

This forum will not be a party to assisting members in committing Piracy and Copyright Infringement which is illegal in many parts of the world.

There were a number of links in the post by @Tinwarble which were an invitation for you to read and become aware of our standing. Obviously you did not.

If you need support here, you must have not have any Banned add-ons installed. Your only other choice is to seek assistance from the help forums where you downloaded those Builds/Repositories/Add-ons

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