Recent Movies list bugged

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Question  Recent Movies list bugged
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Hey there,

I am running Kodi on Android and windows devices and it seems that the EsTouchy "Recent Movies" list is not showing the most recent movies at all.
They are neither the latest by release nor by added date.

I thought this might be a bug and could not find it in the bug tracker. I wanted to report the bug but there is no way to register on the bug tracker....

Any ideas?
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Hi uncovery,

It's a different skin, but it might be the same operation...

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Well Estouchy does not even have a /playlists folder. I am not sure where the "Recent Movies" is being defined in that plugin.

It seemss while estuary uses the playlists to manage this, estouchy uses an included XML here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\addons\skin.estouchy\xml\IncludesHomeRecentlyAdded.xml

<content target="movies" sortby="date" limit="10">videodb://recentlyaddedmovies/</content>

But where is the videodb://recentlyaddedmovies/ being managed? Is that a valid resource of data? What are the valid sortby fields?
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I thought that I would post that I am seeing a problem with Estouchy skin as well in Win10 w/ MySQL

On the main screen of Kodi 17.4, when "Recent Movies" is displayed, they are not the latest movies added.

When I switch the skin to Estuary or Confluence, the correct, expected list of recently added films are displayed.

This is not a case of watched movies being hidden, this is a case of the Estouchy skin not displaying the correct list of recently added movies.

And (for kicks), if I select Movies, and choose to sort Date added / Descending... then the correct movies are displayed in eth library view.

Is there some setting that I am overlooking? Something that should update the main screen of Estouchy?

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