Win Resolution settings not sticking
Kodi 17.3, Windows 10, nVidia GTX660ti with 3 GB, three 1920x1080 monitors set up to span all three displays for an effective resolution of 5760x1080.

1) Go into Settings/System
2) Choose Display mode for Fullscreen #1
3) Set resolution for 1920x1080.

So far so good. The display uses only the middle monitor which is what I want.

I hit Alt-Enter to switch into Windowed mode. This works fine.
I hit Alt-Enter again to switch back to full screen mode. This then goes back to using 5760x1080. It basically dumps the settings I made previously and goes back to default.

I have tried turning on Use fullscreen window and Blank other displays but these don't get saved either.

Is this a bug? Is this working as designed? Is there a way to get the full screen settings to be stick after hitting Alt-Enter to switch between modes?
I would suggest this is expected behaviour (atm: could be misconstrued as a bug). In this case with 3 monitors up and a desktop effective resolution of 5760x1080 and putting Kodi at full screen mode, would pull Kodi across all three monitors at the resolution reported by the o/s. The solution provided is windowed mode. Manually setting the screen size is a work-around, but it's not one that will hold. Conjecture: you might be able to inject the size by flipping out the guisettings.xml with the first. I expect that in the future graphic drivers will handle all of this with better solutions (AMD eyefinity is a start but not sure this is the solve).
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