M3u file question
I belong to a paid IPTV service that gives me a m3u8 link with my username and password embedded in the link. It gives a ton of channels that I don't want to include in the tv guide. I'm trying to research a way to create a customized playlist file (xml or m3u?) that Kodi could use that would only use the channels I want to use and disregard the rest. Not sure how to do this though, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
I'm not sure about the legitimacy of your source, but I'll assume it's legal.

With that said, if you can find a common identifier for the channels you want (eg. All channels in group "entertainment") then if you have any coding skills you could try doing what I did and write a script to download the big list and filter it by group name into a second, smaller list, which you then import into kodi.

I have mine set to run daily at 3am so it's always relatively up to date.

On the other hand, if there's nothing obviously in common with the channels you want, it's much more difficult and you might have to resort to manual editing of the file.. Which would suck.
Thank you! Yes, the source is completely legit. I was able to play around with the m3u file and import only channels that I want into Kodi. Thank you for your reply!
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