Mouse- and subtitles-friendly skin?
I'd like to find a skin that has:

* a very thin seekbar on pause and forward/back skips (doesn't override subtitles), or a seekbar on the top, or subtitles move when seekbar appears (like in the potplayer)
* clickable seekbar
* fast switching audio and subtitle tracks with mouse (without opening additional menu windows)
* visible display of current track languages
* scrolling lists with mouse wheel
* custom menu item support (to add anime category separate from tv shows)
* should have a view with poster grid with visible titles (or details on hover) and should display episodes progress in that view

I tried every skin from the official repo on Kodi 17, and nothing would fit without modifications. Do you know skins or skin mods that have most of those features?
As your requirements are pretty much outside how people expect kodi to be operated (10 foot interface controlled by remote, not mouse, blah blah) you are going to find it hard to find something like that. Maybe vlc would work better for you?
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