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My issue is the second season of Twin Peaks, scraped with TVDB. This show is already in my database as i already got the first season..

Files are named like this :
  • Twin Peaks - S01E01a - Buche.mkv ("The Log Lady" scene)
  • Twin Peaks - S01E01b - Episode.mkv (Full episode)
  • Twin Peaks - S01E02a - Buche.mkv ("The Log Lady" scene)
  • Twin Peaks - S01E02b - Episode.mkv (Full episode)
  • ...

and so...

A and B letters are for trying to combine into one unique file, according to this

This was previously ok with first season, files are named the same way, (except it was not combined, so i got 2 entries for each episode but that's another story...). But it's refusing to be added for the season 02.
Even specials episodes are scrapped well.

I've found that it's getting added with Kodi 18 nightly but not in Kodi 17.3, don't know if it's related or not...

Why isn't it picking these up ? And maybe be if you know, why it's not getting combined ?
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