Adding cursor event for a list
There is a horizontal list, so left-right arrows scroll it. All's OK.

Now, can I tap into scrolling with my own events somehow? Defining <onleft> <onright> seems to do nothing.
You can use a fake button to control the list and supply additional actions e.g.

The alternative is to use a hidden button in the <focusedlayout> with an <onfocus> condition. But that will just trigger something when the list moves - i.e. you won't be able to define separate actions for left and right individually.
Thanks, I'll redesign and use 2nd approach (didn't know that focusable items are allowed on lists).
They aren't really (you will get an error in the log) and you can't use it for official repo submission, but they do work as a hack for an onfocus command
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Adding cursor event for a list00