Kodi - Instant recording not working as it should, kodi showing wrong notifications.

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joostzilla Offline
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When i press record watching live TV a message appears saying "recording scheduled". But it should be 'recording started'

I saw this thread on the NextPVR forum:

Could this be fixed for the MP backend too?

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mrkaras Offline
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does your recording actually start? when I do that I get recording scheduled but it never starts, I need to go back and edit the schedule before it will start. I posted the issue before I saw this.
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mcelliott Offline
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As posted in the other thread:

I've just checked. What I did was open the EPG, pressed 'i' on my keyboard to open the contextual menu, then selected 'record' from the buttons.

The remote I have connected to my main PC has very few buttons, so I can't just press 'record' on the remote.

When I press record, it gives me the 'recording scheduled' alert, but the recording does start immediately.

Checked with two different channels.
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