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Mint: Skin Release Thread
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Here is release 2 of Mint. As of release 2 all the PM3 code dependencies are gone. Some images are still being used. This is a big step but also means there may be some windows I missed or glitches with the skin. Let me know if you find anything.

Mint has also been added to the SVN and the newest revisions can be found here http://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge.n...nter/Mint/

TODO: Release 3

- add missing windows
- replace all PM3 images
- profile support
- remote support (thanks RenZOR)
- more viewtypes
- custom skin settings (including user defined scripts for videos/music etc. thanks Nuka)
- tweak images/background/fonts

TODO: Later

- pal and pal16x9 modes
- animations


Image Image Image Image


Download Mint Release 2 ~8.4MB
Definately pretty cool and nice concept!! probably abit too dark for my use but still interesting. Keep it up.

serenity was a good movie.

I wish more people would add optional buttons to windows, so a user could link a script to it. eg. weather. Just a suggestion
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Thanks for the comments.

@Nick: I am actually thinking it's too dark for me too. The layout is pretty much set but I may tweak other visual aspects.

@Nuka: I am not sure what you mean by optional buttons. Could you explain it a little more?
xbox classic has example of what i mean, basically you add another button in weather, but only make it visible if the user sets a string in your skin settings. the setting would be a link to a script, so there could be a button with a link to a script that plays the daily forecast video or shows radar maps.

I was just commenting, i wish skinners would account for things like that, not many do.
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Wow I didn't even know about that. I'll check it out, sounds useful.
is the Settings menu accessible in this skin? I can't figure out how to get there from the Home window Sad
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@SleepyP Yes the settings can be accessed in the shutdown menu (click right thumbstick). I put it in there so it could be easily accessed from anywhere in the skin.

The skin has been added to the svn http://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge.n...nter/Mint/ but the current revision doesn't have access to all windows because I am in the middle of removing all PM3 dependencies. As soon as I finish I will release a new version.

jzbruno Wrote:@SleepyP Yes the settings can be accessed in the shutdown menu (click right thumbstick). I put it in there so it could be easily accessed from anywhere in the skin.


Joy, what about us remote users :|
Remote users have no way of accessing the shutdown menu? I don't use a remote so I am not sure how it works. What buttons are available to you?
jzbruno they will need a button inthe skin to click or they can't xbmc has no remote button mapped to open the shutdown menu
Good to know. I will put an option in the skin settings and conditionally show a button for the remote users.
It seems I am too clever for my own good. I thought editing my first post would bump it to the top and also found that it didn't edit the threads title. So just to let you all know check the first post for a new release and info.
jzbruno Wrote:also found that it didn't edit the threads title.
No only forum moderators can do that. What would you like the title to be?
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How you changed it is good. Thanks.

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