Icon based on NFO tag?
I've been muddling with some skin mods trying to figure some of it out and move things around. I've been influenced by a few different skins so didn't think posting in a specific skin thread was the correct place for this (or if this is even it).

I've been able to add a flag based on a NFO tag to the DialogVideoInfo.xml which works. The flag only shows up when the tag is present in a movie's NFO.

I've been trying to get the same thing to work in MyVideoNav.xml and DialogFullScreenInfo.xml. It doesn't seem to work based on <visible>SubString(ListItem.tag,Oscar)</visible> that does in the DialogVideoInfo.xml. It's a flag for an Oscar statue to pop up for movies that have won Best Picture which I can manually add as a tag through the Edit Information in the options on a movie. It works great in the movie info screen but I can't get it to work on the other screens.

I have tried reading from the wiki and skinning manual but there's a lot of information that seems to cover a wide range of instances but not specifically imply to any/all so I'm a bit confused.

Is what I am trying to do even possible or maybe there's another method I've not discovered as yet?
Did my question not make sense? Or have I asked it incorrectly or in the wrong location?
I guess this is not possible?
Seems like a bug to me.
I just tested and ListItem.Tag indeed only shows in DialogVideoInfo and NOT in MyVideoNav.

There isn't really any other way to do what you want, and it seems very odd that tags are not available outside of dialogvideoinfo as this seems to be the most sane way to do something like this.

Might be worth filling a bug report on trac
Thank you for the response. I was just coming to ask if anyone could help explain how/where nfo tags could be used as I'm having the same results just playing around with different tags for different things.

I can see all the other entries that information is pulled from when trying to dissect the skin files. Audio codec, length, aspect, rating and so on. Those entries can be seen in various screens but so far <tag> can only be seen in DalogVideoInfo.

I do agree that using tags for the specific media to flag certain things would be a fantastic way to be able to modify certain things.

Are tags just not as easy to read as the other info? For anyone with a better understanding than I do.
Does anyone know if/when support for tags in other areas of skins outside the DialogVideoInfo might be added? Is this something that's just been overlooked or if there some underlying issue that causes it to not be possible? If it's just been overlooked, is it difficult to get working?
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