Android - IPTV simple client

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geovan_frank Offline
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Hi I wanto have some help the thing is that I bought a smart box tv android and when I was trying to set iptv simple client it was not on kodi
i tried it is not installed on kodi .Can you help me pleas?
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Karellen Offline
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You have to enable it. It is not installed by default. Go to...

Home Page>Add-ons>My Add-ons>PVR Clients. Look for "PVR IPTV Simple Client". Click and select Install. If I remember correctly, it won't become active unless you have a playlist entered in the Configure page.

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giova63 Offline
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Sad  RE: IPTV simple client
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hello, i have a similary problem:i bought a ferguson fboxx 3 tv yesterday and i would like to configure kodi choosing in my add on-client pvr-pvr iptv simple client. the f3box do not show pvr iptv simple cliente. help me please !!!!!
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