Which Remote Control to get

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thermionic Offline
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On the xbox, I used an xbox media remote

When I moved to a PC, I moved to a Microsoft XP MCE remote and as it worked perfectly under xbmcbuntu (and kodibuntu), I've kept the same receiver and just replaced the remotes when they failed.

The current MCE remote has just given up the ghost and I'm on my last spare and thinking about moving to something else.

Would my existing Microsoft IR receiver (which lsusb shows as "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 045e:006d Microsoft Corp. eHome Remote Control Keyboard keys" work with the xbox 360 and/or xbox one current remotes ? or if not, what receiver would I need to get ?

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Thread moved to peripherals

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Deucehearts Offline
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I have the Xbox One media remote and it works great. Its small, it lights up the keys when it moves and has all the standard media buttons (including STOP). You will need to get the FLIRC adaptor though for it to work with your HTPC since not all the buttons use IR6 (this is what the MCE remotes use).
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Atreyu Offline
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I am using a xbox360 remote with a buildin receiver.
It's a very good media remote and should work on any eHome receiver.
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