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Linux - [SOLVED] Dim Screensaver "Configuration" screen is bad
Howdy. I just built from git, using:
git clone git:// kodi
as found in docs/README.linux

The distro is Mageia release 6 (Cauldron) for x86_64 on Asus Z170I PRO GAMING using i5-6500 CPU onboard Skylake Intel HD Graphics 530, fwiw.

The result is working better for me than the Mageia kodi-17.3-9.mga6 but there are some niggles.

One is in my Dim Screensaver configuration screen, shown below. The screensaver works, dims to the extent and after the delay as I previously had set it. I didn't delete any of ~/.kodi files. Does the picture indicate something or is some other information needed? Thanks.

Looks like my problem derived from some newb moves. There were several instances of kodi builds with files in various places. Once I did a `make uninstall` and deleted some directories, including ~/.kodi, I'm having better luck with a clean installation. Thanks.

[SOLVED] Dim Screensaver "Configuration" screen is bad00