Linux -  [SOLVED] Dim Screensaver "Configuration" screen is bad
Howdy. I just built from git, using:
git clone git:// kodi
as found in docs/README.linux

The distro is Mageia release 6 (Cauldron) for x86_64 on Asus Z170I PRO GAMING using i5-6500 CPU onboard Skylake Intel HD Graphics 530, fwiw.

The result is working better for me than the Mageia kodi-17.3-9.mga6 but there are some niggles.

One is in my Dim Screensaver configuration screen, shown below. The screensaver works, dims to the extent and after the delay as I previously had set it. I didn't delete any of ~/.kodi files. Does the picture indicate something or is some other information needed? Thanks.

[Image: Screenshot_20170611_094508.png]
Looks like my problem derived from some newb moves. There were several instances of kodi builds with files in various places. Once I did a `make uninstall` and deleted some directories, including ~/.kodi, I'm having better luck with a clean installation. Thanks.
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[SOLVED] Dim Screensaver "Configuration" screen is bad00