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I'm living in a 3rd world country, a developing nation where powerouts are frequent during the day. I noticed i can watch 1½ hours of a movie, then experience a powerout and when i boot back into Kodi, it has no clue i even started watching that movie.

Can you set a marker at 15/30 sec. intervals during playback, so it'll at least have a faint idea of where i was in playback? Even once a minute is fine, just so i dont have to sit and skip forward and spend 15 mins. finding where i was.

Thanks for listening.
There is an addon for this, finding the right thread will be the issue!
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Take a look here:

\edit after reading the thread i am not sure it is still maintained
Updating the video database every 15-30 seconds will be an extra strain on Kodi devices using (micro) SD cards running the video database locally. It means the wear and tear on the SD card will be higher, as already mentioned in the linked URL above. Also, possibly tiny video hiccups can occur on low-powered devices.
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Hmmm. Any chance you might be running a Raspberry Pi or something else powered through usb? Was thinking that you could run your device through a powerbank ie use the powerbank as a cheap ups. That way you'd just hit the stop button on your remote and start up when you left off when the power comes back on. You'd need a powerbank that charged itself while supplying output current at the same time. The same idea could apply to any 'real' ups I suppose, but a small usb powerbank is cheap. Just an idea.
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