[Kodi 18] Latest nightly skins cannot display addon settings

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pemartins Offline
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At the moment every skin I tested but Estuary cannot display addon settings in the latest nightly of Kodi 18, not even Estouchy, it always comes out like this:

[Image: ezknmln.png]

Is it a situation that can be corrected in Kodi 18 or is it a change that every skin will have to adapt to?
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stefansaraev Offline
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skins need to adapt after https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12125
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Hitcher Offline
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Stop using nightlies if you're not going to except that things can and will break.
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Gade Offline
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That's why I have a development repository set up for updated versions of Rapier, fully working with the latest nightlies.

If you use the latest Kodi nightlies with Rapier, you absolutely should install my development repo.

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pemartins Offline
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Thank you all for the feedback.

I'm using nightlies as a consequence, used 16.1 but I stopped after the subtitle issue came up, in 17.x the cpu usage in my pc is insanely high and only a recent nightly corrects the issue (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...d2600316). So it was a choice between getting hacked, fry the motherboard or... something else, and giving the first two options I chose something else! Big Grin
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