Subtitles Missing
I am observing a very strange behavior with my SRT-subtitles, that subtitles are not found

* The issue started about 2 months ago using the nightly builds of Kodi 18
* As I was assuming a temporary issue in the nightlies I moved back to Kodi 17, where there was no issue
* Yesterday, I installed Kodi 18 nightly again, and the issue is still here
* Log-Files don't show any Error, Warning or Debug-info
* Going to 'Video's, and selecting the movie from the respective source, displays subtitles correctly
* Starting the Movie via 'Movies' or 'TV-Shows' does not show subtitles

When starting the movie via Video/Sources I see entries like these in the log, but there is nothing if started via 'Movies' or TV-Shows'
Quote:15:41:10.919 T:139737364952832 DEBUG: ScanForExternalSubtitles: Searching for subtitles...
15:41:10.921 T:139737364952832 INFO: ScanPathsForAssociatedItems: found associated file /mnt/dns327/Drama-Series/Defendant/
15:41:10.923 T:139737364952832 DEBUG: ScanForExternalSubtitles: END (total time: 5 ms)
15:41:10.923 T:139737364952832 DEBUG: GetExternalStreamDetailsFromFilename - Language = '' / Name = '(External)' / Flag = '0' from /mnt/dns327/Drama-Series/Defendant/

I am using Kodi 18 on a Ubuntu16.04-machine, following the setup from 'Intel VAAPI howto with Krypton v17 based on Ubuntu 16.04 server'.
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