RetroArch & EmulationStation addons for RetroPlayer

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I packed a couple of frontend addons for RetroPlayer, tested on LibreELEC Testbuilds for RPi.


Just download zip and install. Place your roms and enjoy. You need to download wanted libreto cores using RetroPlayer before launching any of them.

RetroArch addon scans addons folder for any retroplayer libretro core installed and creates a symlink to it into retroarch's cores folder. Then exits kodi and launches retroarch. It includes gamepads configs and core infos. Since kodi is stopped performance is a little better than using retroplayer (specially in low power devices such as RPi) and all settings/options are available in menus.

EmulationStation addon uses RetroArch passing to it core name and rom file (also this can be used by other frontends like IARL, AEL...)

Logs are placed in /storage/.kodi/temp/

Feedback is welcome.
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