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Dear all,

I have installed Openelec 8.0.4 incl. Kodi 17.3 on my RPI3 and installed VDR backend, frontend and activated several plugins (e.g. live, streamdev, egp).

Now what I can do is watching TV via the Kodi frontend but what I cannot do is the following:

1. Changing channel sorting via Kodi frontend; whenever I am saving all my changes done, there is a progress bar, no error. But when I then switch over to TV still the same order of channels appear. It is purely not saving my changes. Do you have any recommendation how to change the channel order instead?

2. I have installed iVDRclient on my iPhone because I wanted to stream live TV to my mobile. I can connect and see the channels including EPG, but when I start streaming regardless which channel I get the following error message: "Request for stream timed out. Access not possible. mkdir: can't create directory '/home': read-only file system." I am not even sure which home directory is meant? Is it from the mobile phone for intermediate storage of stream data or is it from the RPI3 where VDR backend is running?

3. If I want to record a TV movie I can select for recording via iVDRclient and what I see after the event is that there is a file, of very low size, under "/storage/videos" (I guess this is the request of recording and not the movie payload itself); furthermore I do not see and folder like "/storage/videos/recordings"?! Also via the app I cannot see any finished recordings.

Do you have any ideas on these topics? Maybe you also have a recommendation for reading so that I can help myself. Unfortunately I couldnt' find a lot of material for my problems.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

The reason you might not get a lot of replies to your request is that openelec/libreelec are highly customized systems tweaked to the needs of users who do not want to fiddle around with setting up kodi and required os from scratch.

It might be wiser to ask for support in the respective forums. As far as I remember the vdr version used in both openelec & libreelec is 2.2.0 which is somewaht outdated and doesn't support latest feature additions of vnsiserver/kodi.
Maybe it's an option for you to use the app "mrmc" instead of "iVDRclient" from Apple Store. It's a kodi fork. With this app you can use the vnsi addon and connect to your vnsi server at your *elec machine.

Greetings Hoppel
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Dear Stefan,

you need to prepare your setup for live streaming:
- setup your web environment properly: iVDRclient (the user you configured) requires access to a directory where the stream segments can be stored. You can configure this directory in the settings of your iVDRclient profile. The easiest way is to provide a user directory, for example '/home/[USER]/public_html and to enable the corresponding module in your web server.
- make sure that vlc is installed: iVDRclient uses vlc as segmenter for HTTP Live Streaming.
- make sure that VDR loads the streamdev-plugin: this plugin provides an interface to the MPEG stream of the VDR instance.
You may find some more information on this site:

Live streaming of recordings has the same requirements. Under some circumstances iVDRclient may not be able to automatically detect the directory where the recordings are stored. For this reason the next version of the app will provide an option to manually set the path. To be released in September Smile

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