Can I add a preamp of some kind.
I use Kodi and Raspberry Pi2 for music player exclusively. Works flawlessly. However, volume is too low on both Pis I use with stereos in different rooms. If I boost the rating up from 85db the sound becomes distorted.

Now, I don't mind playing my stereo amps at 60 to 70 % power to fill the room, but is this necessary? I would rather get a preamp in the line somewhere between the Pi2 and the amp. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thanks for any tips.
You may be able to set gain on your amp digital input from Kodi to boost volume.
(2017-06-15, 10:46)HomerJau Wrote: You may be able to set gain on your amp digital input from Kodi to boost volume.

Thanks, no. I am plugging Kodi in from the analog jack to the regular stereo amp inputs.
Your problem is the weak output DAC in the Pi2. You should look into finding a USB DAC that will provide you with analog L/R outputs for your amps (or are you using the usb for input?) .

Here's another way using the HDMI output for audio only: HDMI Audio Extractor. I don't know how the SQ is on this, however. Looks like a bargain.

Google Pi2 and better audio and you'll find a lot of feedback. Good luck.
The RPi 2 with Kodi (LibreElec) makes a great media player, but I would not attempt to use it without an external DAC. I suggest that you go shopping Big Grin
Yes, the built in audio plug is garbage. Buy a Hifiberry or some other DAC shield for the PI. Or better yet, buy their digital sheild and use a digital plug to your AVR and use the DAC in your receiver. For even better sound, get the Ifi 5V linear power supply and be amazed at the improvement for only $50.

Audio extractor and USB DACs are also acceptable solutions.

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Can I add a preamp of some kind.0
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