Steam Direct (replaces Valve's Steam Greenlight program) - Kodi on Steam?
Steam Direct is now available as a new easier process of getting games and apps onto Steam (Valve's distribution platform for games and applications):

Anyone thinking about getting Kodi onto Stream via the new Steam Direct program?

Perhaps with Kodi's v18 (Leia) having RetroPlayer integrated the idea of having Kodi on Stream is more relevant than it have ever been before.

Anyway, Steam Direct is now available as the streamlined, transparent, and accessible method for game developers to bring their games and applications onto Steam, and this process replaces the now retired Steam Greenlight program that Valve had before.

I know that there have previously been some efforts to try to get Kodi and XBMC onto Steam (and Steam OS) via Valve's Steam Greenlight program. Stream Direct however promises a much easier approval process for new games and applications:

"The goal with Steam Direct is to provide an understandable and predictable path for developers from anywhere in the world to bring their games to Steam. With that in mind, we're making the process as easy and streamlined as possible. A new developer will simply need to fill out some digital paperwork, including entering bank and tax information and going through a quick identity verification process. After completing the paperwork, the developer will be asked to pay a $100 recoupable fee for each game they wish to release on Steam.

As we have been doing for the past year, there is a short process prior to release where our review team installs each game to check that it is configured correctly, matches the description provided on the store page, and doesn't contain malicious content.

Additionally, brand-new developers that we haven't worked with before will need to wait 30 days from the time they pay the app fee until they can release their first game on Steam. This gives us time to review the developer's information and confirm that we know who we're doing business with. Developers will also need to put up a 'coming soon' page for a couple of weeks prior to release, which helps get more eyes on upcoming releases and gives players a chance to point out discrepancies that our team may not be able to catch.
Non-game and non-VR software requires a different approval process.

Surprising the Digital Cybercherries project NewRetroArcade: Neon went through, as the Steam Discussions has the following:

Any discussion of piracy will result in a permanent ban from the Steam Community including, but not limited to:
* Cracks
* Key generators
* Console emulators

They consider console emulation to be piracy.
Regarding that Non-Game Software approval process, there is a form live at
Steam is generally only allowing submissions for "content creation" type software, as they outline:
* Animation & Modeling
* Audio Production
* Design & Illustration
* Photo Editing
* Video Production
* Educational & Tutorials
* Business & Office

It does not appear as though media players are covered by this limited group of categories. In fact Steam rejected my little gaming related utility.
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