Kodi 17 - Fire TV-2 | Some PVR Channels are now "tiny"

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Joncalri Offline
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Hi folks,

I have an M3U8 list, all channels were in full screen but now are in other small scale,for example:
I was watching CNN in full screen (as usual) then changed to other channel then back to CNN and now CNN are in other small scale, this is happening with others channels but not to all.
I can see all channels in full screen (as usual) in other application in the same TV and same TV-Fire.
I had tried change almost all the options but with not luck.

Any advice?

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Thread moved to PVR section, for lack of any information on the PVR used

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Joncalri Offline
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Hi, I'm new here so I don't know the info I most provide.
Im using PVR IPTV Simple Client
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shooty Offline
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While the On Screen Display is visible, click on the film reel icon (lower right).
There is a setting (I think its "view mode" or display). Click on it and in the list, select "Stretch 16:9".
Now save that as your default view mode, by clicking Save as Default, at the bottom of the screen.
*Note - some movies may require you to switch to normal for proper aspect ratio.
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