Kodi 18 - CBS Video Add-on

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dragun50 Offline
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Can anyone tell me if being in Canada means I am unable to watch most of what is on the CBS add-on?
I can watch the 60Minutes, but the rest just says to check the error log. There is nothing there, so I am at a loss as to why I cannot watch the other things.

Thank you
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PatK Offline
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Probably the loops and jumps which take a long to establish a connection (might be the hooking into CDN networks from the states etc) I did run '60 minutes, clean no buffering after a minute of connecting, and 48 hours worked fine, again a long start up... but it seems to work well better resolution than local cable! The add-on lists quite a few programs, and it's quite likely any failures are due in large part to networks flipping programming on the web and it's like a wack-a-mole job chasing them down. I've found if you wait a long time, and the connection times out, restarting gets you there quicker. OTH: if you get an error at the get-go, pass on that, probably a dead link or geo locked.

This works fine with Kodi 64/18 Alpha Leia on my win/7/64 enjoy.

windows fresh start -> delete C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Kodi First time user (wiki) Log file (wiki) Video management (wiki) Artwork (wiki) Supported hardware (wiki) Releases (wiki) Database versions (wiki) Skin features compatibility list (wiki) http://xbmc-skins.com
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