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Hello company,

I use Artic Zephyr + for the great views that have been added, I have set AEL to run all my Steam games without worries.

The only problem is that I do not use a scraper, neither for metadata nor for assets.

And the banners, and other posters, are cropping up on the edges. I can't find the exact dimensions my images have to make so that they are not clipped.

I found on : AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\\1080i, the file View_53_Poster.XML.

On this file that I do not understand, I would like to know the values ​​that define the dimensions of the posters for example.

Otherwise how to set a standard size for my posters and my banners, logos ......

Thanks for the reply

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Could you upload screenshots of the issue and the exact view you are using . I may not be able to help , but i'll take a crack at it ! hopefully someone else with more code expertise responds
Hi SerpentDrago69,

Thanks for the answer.

Here the original Cover Art for Assassin's Creed Revelations :

I used it for my Poster, Here the screenshot from Poster view in AEL + Azephyr+ :
watch gallery

You can see the T of UBISOFT is clipped, and in the middle left of the image the hand of the character in white (Altair) is also clipped.

For the banner, the logo are too big compared to the original :

That's why i wanna know, how to make or set a standard size for the poster.

Same for the banner, logos, thumbnail....... in all views of the MOD.

Thanks for the reply.
I always use an aspect ratio of approx 2:3 for posters - this is the ratio which uses for posters.

The large posters in A:Z are 428x640px
Banner dimensions are 573x107px
Fanart Thumbs dimensions are 424x225px

A good place to see dimensions for other artwork types is
See here:
Hi jurialmunkey,

Thank you for your quick reply, It worked well.

This is the second time that you save my life, thank you very much.

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