New maintainer for USTV VoD
I wish someone would fix USTV VoD, Add-on hasn't been updated in ages and hardly anything works anymore.
Do you mean ustvnow?
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Nope, he's referring to this:

One of bluecop's? old plugins that moneymaker took over, now it's abandoned.

IMO the core code is extremely dated and non-functional.

It's in need of a complete overhaul, and my guess is most of the site parsers don't work.
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ABC, ABC Family, CBS (with fix applied), The CW, Fox (empty folders for FX and National Geographic presents), Syfy (some shows are missing) and the Disney Channels are still working, the rest is broken.
Although I don't have the technical skill, I second the motion for this addon to be updated.
A true thank you to anyone who decides to undertake this effort.
I have the live version with just network channels free in HD. With on demand do you have to pay to use on demand?
Just found this thread and wanted to add my vote. It's a fantastic add on combining so many catch up services with library integration. It would be tremendous if someone could take it up. Wish I had the skill!
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New maintainer for USTV VoD00