Kodi bluescreens Windows 7
I've had this issue for a few months now. One day Kodi suddenly decided "Ok, if you're going to close me, you don't need Windows anymore."
So usually after having Kodi running for 2 hours (or more), closing it with either the "X" or the menu bluescreens my computer and I have to restart.

Intel i7 4790k 4.6GHz
a bunch of Samsung SSDs
a 4TB Seagate SSHD
a 4TB WD Black
running on EKWB watercooling.
Windows 7 x64 Professional

I'm currently running 17.0 and have been reluctant to upgrade since I'm running a MySQL-Database and have two more computers in that setup.
However I'll try upgrading to 17.3 today and see what happens.

I tried reading the logs, but I can't really find a reason for the crashes.
The Logs

I have Avast, but it's mostly disabled, so I don't think the antivirus has any part in this.
I'll try going into debug mode in 17.3 and hope I can catch the crash with verbose logging.
You will have to provide another debug log. The one you submitted only had debug mode running for about 1 second.

You need to Enable debugging, then RESTART Kodi. Let it run until you are able to catch the crash. There is no use submitting the log if it hasn't caught the crash while in debugging mode. It won't show anything of use.
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Huh. I've updated to 17.3 and tried to reproduce the bug in the last couple days. The results? Thrice Kodi almost stopped responding, once my settings were set back to default, but the blue screening has not appeared since. Even after leaving Kodi open for 24 hours.

Apparently 17.3 fixed my problem somewhere along the patch pathway.
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