Start-Screen with Musik-Fanart?
When I start fuse(neue) it shows me a slideshow of my movies. I would have a slideshow my Music-Artist or maybe Music-Albums. I cannot find any switch. Am I too stupid??
btw: What kind of name is it fuse(neue)Huh

Greeting from Frank
Change the widget for that menu item

You can set widgets for main menu or sub menu items in
Skin Settings > Home > Customise home menu.

There is also a fallback widget that is used if no widget is set for that menu item. You can change it at
Skin Settings > Home > Fallback widget

It's called (fuse)neue because it was based off early concept mockups for the skin "fuse" by butchabay. So this is my take on some of those original concept ideas, hence the "neue".
You can see one of the original mockups here:
tnx :-)
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