Korean Characters

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shen Offline
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Hello everyone.

I been having problems to use korean Subtitles (.smi and .srt files).
The only thing i see is weird charcaters and boxes.

I followed some "guides"/posts but haven´t god any of them to work.
The following "changes" I have tried but unsuccessfully:
- Changed the language to Korean
- Donwloaded Universial Fonts (DejaVuSans.ttf, UnBatang.ttf, UnBatangBold.ttf)
- Changed to Korean in Windows

Can someone help me figure out what the H*ll i am doing wrong? Sad

Guides/Posts i followed:
How can I display Korean Subtitrles correctly?
Change subtitle font size on playback
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Here's the official wiki Add-on:Korean (wiki) Did you follow the instructions 1-7? You probably need to add Korean fonts C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\media\Fonts then go into settings>player>language>Choose the font to use for text subtitles.

I'm a little suspect with old 2010 posts, perhaps others that use a foreign language could offer a word or two?

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