Kodi Mythtv recording without tuner

I am new to the forums and also new to kodi and steaming video such as IVTV. Currently, I have comcast and run a Mythtv server/backend on one computer. I have storage of videos on a server in my basement. Things work fine. Recently, I have been working on cutting the cord and have purchased a Leelbox and installed kodi Krypton. This is working out great and I have picked up a subscription to a live tv provider for live tv thru kodi.

Now, I have a ceton 6 port car in the mythtv box that records comcast live shows. What I want to do is retire this tuner card and record shows from my kodi box (leelbox). There seems to be a lot of threads here on such things but I am looking for general info to get me started. here is what I am thinking:

1. I can remove the tuner card in the mythtv box and interface mythtv with my kodi android box. Just run the back end on the mythtv box to record shows. However, With this I do not understand yet how the guide and "Available Tuners" would work in general theory. To hopefully make this clearer - I would need to remove the tuner card and redirect mythtv to record from my android box. I think this is where the Mythtv plugin comes in for kodi.

2. I could instead just somehow run the mythtv backend on my server in the basement. I could really retire the computer that runs the mythtv frontend/backend currently in the living room. Or perhaps use the basement server without mythtv with some other settings to just store the recordings from kodi.

More detail my current setup looks like this:

Kodi leelbox -----> Home Theater reciever(HDMI)---> TV <----Home Theater Reciver <----- Mythtv FE/BE computer

Basement Ubuntu Server (Currently used to store videos ect...) connects to Mythtv computer via NFS.

Mythtv box is running a rather dated version of MythBuntu and its the 28 fixes I do believe.

So, Retire the Mythtv computer and somehow move the recorded shows to the basement server or work with the mythtv computer and interface it to the kodi box?

ALSO, Am I correct that when using the kodi box I will not be able to watch and record to some backend at the same time? If this is so perhaps I would be able to using my mythtv computer as a back end?

Sorry if this is long winded; Looking for opinions please as I am pretty new to this and if I screw it up my Girlfriend will kill me - lol...


(2017-06-18, 14:42)Northpoint Wrote: ... I have picked up a subscription to a live tv provider for live tv thru kodi.

Sorry, that won't work. IPTV won't record/timeshift via a MythTV backend.
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