Win -  Kodi for 64bit won't install
I dl'd Kodi for the 64bit windows 7, and got message about a missing dll. Screenshot is here, I hope. (Not too good at this kind of stuff.)

Well...can't figure out how to paste the screenshot, but the message is that VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing, and to re-install the program to correct it.

Re-installing doesn't correct the problem.

Now I can't even get my old Kodi back.

I am Kodiless!

Please help?
Quote:I am Kodiless!
I hope you have a towel at least Smile

It's likely you need one of the Visual C++ downloads - Microsoft Support some reading material.

Solved Issue - Missing MSVCP100.dll on Kodi.
Wow!! If that's what I need, how would I know which one?
I would recommend the vc 2015 x64 package which should include vcruntime140.dll file. You may also need the x86 package but not sure if this is still necessary with 64 bit kodi.
Typical of Microsoft. I clicked on the link for vc 2015, and a screen came up that said there were no downloads available.

Wonder why they even have a link, if there isn't anything there? sigh
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