PVR Manager Frozen

Using latest version of Kodi and Mediaportal and cant get Kodi's PVR Manager to update. - just freezes when
I open Kodi & go to either Channels or EPG.

I'm on a Windows 10 x64 machine.

Correct Add-on enabled and Media-Portal working great as a stand alone application outside of Kodi.

Just need the Kodi PVR Manager to start up.

Any fixes for this ?
Need to provide logs.
Is that easy to do ?
Yes. Try doing a google search.
Instructions in my signature below. Use the Basic method. After enabling debugging, restart Kodi and replicate the problem. Then upload to a pastebin site with a link back here.
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As an update, finally realised I didn't have the plugin loaded/enabled and configured. I've now done this (was really easy) but strangely still have the same issue of the PVR freezing at 0%...basically, not loading. Now will have to sort the log.

Thanks....getting there
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