v17 -  Custom renaming TV shows w/existing metadata w/other names
This is kind of a strange thing, but i have a tv series that didn't get a proper ending until a 4 hour miniseries was done. For some reason, when i put in a folder as season 0, and put into 2 parts, the metadata comes up. BUT - I want it as season 10 with 4 episodes, not season 0 as 2 double-length episodes. Some sites do have it this way, but not imdb or tvdb or any official sites that provide metadata for tagging. Is there anyway I can change the title after it gets the metadata for the plot and artwork, and change the location and filenames without losing them and having them disappear as generic video files? I know I can use the justusefilename pseudo scraper, but i'm not sure if that will group it with the correct tv show and i'm not sure exactly how to add all the artwork and plot description. I'm using Fire TV stick, 2nd gen. I'm kind of an intermidate-newbie to kodi. I was wondering If I put the episodes into my iTunes library first, tag them in there, then import them into Kodi, will the metadata be embedded and used by Kodi? Thanks for any assistance.
Kodi does not read embedded tags in videos.

Which TV Show is it? Provide a link to it on TVDB

Simplest solution is the create a nfo file. See here... NFO_files (wiki)

One program of many you can use to create a nfo file is here... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=142723

Hope that helps
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