v17 -  Video playback blur on Win 10 small form notebook
Hi, folks. This is my first thread. I'm a neophyte to Kodi, but completely enamored and eager to learn. I'm nowhere near the level of expertise I'm observing from browsing this forum, but I'm not totally bereft of general tech know-how and not afraid to experiment when all else fails. Having prefaced myself thusly, I'm sure my problem will be familiar to many of you higher on the food chain than me, as I've seen it discussed hear and elsewhere. I have Krypton 17.3 loaded onto my desktop (a strapping young mini-tower with oodles of speed, RAM & storage) as well as my humble little Dell Latitude 2110 (an adequate portable workstation & infotainment console when not engaged in substantial gainful activity, but obviously weaker & slower). Both run Windows 10, but while the desktop does all things Kodi like a champ, li'l bro refuses to playback properly, displaying only vastly diffuse moving color swaths. This extends to personal media on my network and external HDD as well. I've incorporated some 3rd party suggestions culled from here & there that seemed straightforward and logical, but to no avail (e.g. disabling accleration, et. al.)

If anyone can provide step-by-step instructions, quick fixes or referral to tutorials that can help rid me of this problem, I would be most grateful (but bear in mind that I'm a rookie; be gentle with me). I'll be happy to provide any additional info you might need, and thanks.
Well, I think li'l brother most likely needs to retire. A quick search of Dell Latitude 2110 tells me it was released circa 2010, so it most likely does not meet the minimum hardware requirements. I did not check the specs as I let the age do all the talking.

Hardware... Hardware_requirement#Windows (wiki)
Also check whether the Graphics are still supported by Intel and Win10... https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/...05526.html

1. Look for updated drivers. If none...
2. Try Kodi v16.1. It can be downloaded here... http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/win32/old/
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Dell Latitude 2110:

GPU: intel GMA X3150 -> last supported OS is windows 7 so probably no way to find a good driver for it on windows 10
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