Kodi 17 - Skin Customization disappears on reboot

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sphirst Offline
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This has happened numerous times. I'm using Aeon Nox 5 and when I reboot my kodi device, all the skin customisations reset back to default.
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Karellen Online
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Funny thing, when you make all those skin changes, they are not saved until you exit Kodi via the proper Kodi Exit.

If you make the changes and never close correctly, you just reboot, they are all lost as you have experienced.

So make your changes. Exit Kodi using the proper procedure. Restart and all should be saved

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DaVu Offline
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which OS?
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DarrenHill Offline
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Or switch skins and then switch back. That should also trigger a save.

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sphirst Offline
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So instead of rebooting, I should choose "Quit"? to exit Kodi?

I'm using kodi through retropie but I never had any issues until I upgraded to kodi 17
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rascas Offline
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No, choosing reboot or quit is the same, settings will be saved. If not, the problem is most likely outside Kodi, like not enough free space, damaged sd card, or something else. You need to post your Kodi log_file (wiki)
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