FilmOtech Export NFO Tool for Windows and Mac

developper of the Filmotech project have made a tool to export individual entry to nfo for XBMC

here :

for people who want to try

yeah a guy here made one too. Any English link?
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I ask to developper if it is multi language but I forgot to check that : / ...

It's a very good application (quite similar to ant movie catalog) but it's only available in french.

And the developper tells in the FAQ that no other language are planned Sad !
This application works, I've just suggested on their forums that it will be a good idead to export the covers with the nfo (moviename.nfo + moviename.tbn). We will see...

And about the english version, I received this:

Hi Xbmcjb,

To answer your question, actually we already thought to translate Filmotech in English.... but first it is not so easy since it was not designed for that from the beginning, and also, even if I know it’s a little bit selfish, because we don’t know.....what would be the added value for us....

Anyway, life is long, (at least we hope so wink !) , then who knows....

Enjoy Filmotech
I guess I'm a bit of a command line junkie. However, for anyone slightly familiar with a command line, XBMCCmd provides a mechanism for exploiting the power of XBMC from your PC.

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