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Solved Connect Xiaomi Mi Box BT remotes to LibreELEC devices

Did you change in Step (6) the 99-eventlircd.rules from KERNEL=="event3" to KERNEL=="event5" ?

When you do a
cat /proc/bus/input/devices

Are you getting Vendor=2717 ?

Thanks wrxtasy.

Yes, i did change to event5 in the 99-eventlircd.rules file.

If i do a cat /proc/bus/input/devices the remote turns up as: Bus=005 Vendor=2717 Product=32b1 Version=100b
Unfortunately in that LE 7.0.12 version there is no file - aftvsremote.evmap for 99-eventlircd.rules to find.

Click eventlircd/evmap

Some other .evmap would need to be chosen. Try using default.evmap

Thanks for the pointer! Will try..

Yay, Basics work when using default.evmap. Nice!
I going to get an official LE patch submitted to custom map the remote to its own .evmap so all the buttons will work.

The Power button needs remapping to something like Mute, because it will shutdown a LE box but you cannot start it back up again.

I use the Kodi Keymap editor Addon to remap the Back button to Stop playback only when playing Fullscreen Video. Works well. Smile

Yes! This remote deserves its own .evmap :-)
I indeed noticed the power button function. Mute would fit better.

Funny, i also remapped back-FS to stop. I would otherwise miss that button...

Pretty handy remote this one, if you ask me (although instill prefer my rii25, its perfect!)
@kszaq has added my xiaomibtremote.evmap patch to his latest LE 8.1.7 release. Works well Smile

The Home button is now Context Menu and the Voice search button is Play/Pause. Power button is now Mute.

EDIT: Just discovered this morning that if I press the Home button twice it wakes up the LE device (U9) and switches on the TV.

Thanks to wrxtasy and kszaq for your support, your efforts are wonderful help to the community Blush
Glad you got it in @wrxtasy :-).
(2017-09-12, 11:16)wrxtasy Wrote: ...
How to Set it all up:

[b]1) Kodi Settings > LibreELEC > Services > Bluetooth > Enable

2) Kodi Settings > LibreELEC > Bluetooth > Xiaomi Remote > Pair (might be Trust and Connect)

3) SSH into LibreELEC device and issues these commands (copy and paste):
wget http://wrxtasy.libreelec.tv/LE-Xiaomi/51-these-are-not-joysticks-rm.rules -O /storage/.config/udev.rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks-rm.rules

Thank you so much for the setup instructions for this remote Smile It makes the Wetek Hub a totally different device especially I must say since the community build 8.1.7 Smile
It's snappy and fast and plays everything I throw at it including 1080i h264 Live TV perfectly deinterlaced Smile

Thank you so much again for all your support here Smile[/b]
No problems.

Yes these remotes really kick ass. Xiaomi have really nailed it in the Clickiness, button repeat delay times, and remote ergonomics so far as I'm concerned.
They are a perfect companion for no nonsense LibreELEC usage once setup. Wink

Now got to sort out what is going on with the troublesome ODROID C2 BT remote compatibility, its the only device not working properly.

It it helps, Wrxtasy, there seems to be a similar issue with Dualshock 3 controllers on Lakka; they work on other S905 devices, but not the C2:

There's a USB dongle fix in the HK kernel drivers that doesn't seem to be in the LE's amlogic kernel:


Is it as simple as that? Or am I just reaching beyond my (limited) Linux knowledge?
Thx. Zang - yes I'm aware of the issues and extra commits required to fix BT HID controllers on the C2.

In fact this bug fixed test .tar update will do just that, should probably fix the BT PS3 Dual Shock Controllers as well ! Big Grin

This is an update for 64bit - C2 LibreELEC, the same 64bit LE officially use.

Before installing turn OFF Autoupdating:

Settings > LibreELEC > Autoupdates > manual


Makes for one snappy LE ODROID C2, when you add a bit of Overclocking and run from eMMC flash storage !

Tried it; works brilliantly. Thanks, Wrxstasy!
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Connect Xiaomi Mi Box BT remotes to LibreELEC devices0
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