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LVTrainman Offline
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I just downloaded and installed Kodi 17.3 Krypton over my previous version of Kodi and seem top have a problem...

When I try to search for a title using the built-in keyboard nothing happens... I know the movies exist because I found some by searching by year... it is much faster for me to search for the title like I did with all previous versions of Kodi without any problems like this...

Basically what happens is there is a momentary cycling (the little circle spinning in the center of the screen) then nothing happens... no selection of movies with the 'search phrase' appear...

If it helps... I am running Windows 7

Any body have any suggestions... and please do not even suggest upgrading to Windows 10... I tried it and simply refuse to use it...
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hakmawongzi Offline
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Your add-on is blocked by KODI ?

Sent from my Nexus 7 (typie typie)
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DarrenHill Offline
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Thread moved to Windows.

Can you gather a debug log (wiki), upload it to PasteBin.com and supply their link here?

Also is this in kodi itself or in an add-on within kodi?

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