JSON over raw TCP or HTTP

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BasJaspers Offline
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At the moment I am using a raw TCP socked to communicate trough JSON to control Kodi.
I am noticing that at some point to RAW socket get's broken and I can't communicate any more, even when I close the socked and open it again I can't get it up and running.
But when using HTTP command's to control Kodi I can still control it.

So the question is: Is there a difference between war TCP control and HTTP control? So would it be worth it to rewrite my code to HTTP control?

I am using Kodi 17.2
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GreySkies Offline
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I've never used JSON over TCP, so I may be off-base, but could your socket be timing out? When I open a socket, I send my command, get my response, then close the socket, every time.
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