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When I use Kodi on my MacMini with a Samsung 530 TV it is normally fine. However, sometimes, after some time, when I attempt to start Kodi using my Harmony remote I get a No Signal message. Eventually I have to restart the MacMini and when I do Kodi works OK again.

Any suggestions about what might be causing this? On one occasion when I wiggled the HDMI cable the signal recovered but that hasn't happened again.
Could be a dying HDMI cable, swap it out.
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What version of OS X are you running?
I ask as I've noticed from version 10.10 onwards, sometimes the remote doesn't wake the system from sleep; only a mouse movement or keypress will do it
I'm using OS x 10.10.5. The system is awake (as I can tell from Screen Sharing) and even if I move a mouse it makes no difference. The only thing that consistently works is restarting.
Sounds like an issue i used to have, and it turned out to be nothing to do with Kodi.

I had a mid 2011 mac mini 2.5ghz with dedicated graphics chip and the chip had gone. after a while i couldn't get a picture at all. If u have the same mac mini id say it's the issue.. let me know Smile
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