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(2017-07-12, 20:10)kingcoldcuts Wrote: So before I go and spend money on a new power supply, is there a way to test the Pi 3 voltage? I have a multimeter, but not sure where the leads are to test (searched around and found instructions for previous boards, but not the Pi 3).

See: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentatio...nd-raspi2/
You want to measure between 5V and ground, so top left and bottom right pins of the GPIO header.

Make sure you measure when under load (i.e. when doing the activities that provoke the warning symbol).

Quote:Any thoughts as to why this happens so much more infrequently when in debug mode? Did you happen to see anything unusual in the log files?
Logging does slow things down a little and doesn't use many resources of the chip (compared to Neon, 3D, video decode etc).
Imagine with logging disabled the work per frame (e.g. 40ms) consumes the first 10ms, with the latter 30ms idle.
And with logging enabled the work per frame (e.g. 40ms) consumes the first 15ms, with the latter 25ms idle.

The total energy consumed in each case is similar (assuming power required by logging is much lower than the more intense work).
But in the first case you are drawing more power over a shorter period of time, so the power supply is under greater load for short periods.

I'm not saying this is definitely what is happening, but it is a plausible hypothesis.
Before I broke out the multimeter and started testing, I contacted CanaKit about getting a replacement power supply. I have been experiencing other issues that made me suspect the PSU, and thought I would see if they could help me out.

I received a response from them within 5 minutes, and less than 2 days later, I have the new one installed. Their customer service was awesome. Brownouts are not happening at the moment. I will continue to test, and post new logs as needed.


I have been using this setup with the replacement PSU without issue for the last month, and consider my problems resolved. Thanks for the help in troubleshooting. This is my first Pi, so that complicated the process for me. The support was appreciated!

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