How to load a url page throgh kodi add on
Quote:My objective is not to use an external application....i want to be able to load a web page withing my addon.

Ok, then I´m out. My thought was more, that you are goiing to start an already installed webbrowser.

Quote:I know this is possible because i have installed an addon where this is functioning

If you already have an addon where this is working, why don´t you adopt it? If you have problems to adopt something, please create a github account and share the source or if it´s something which wasn´ t written by you, then link or name the addon. So we could have a look.
Quote:.and when clicking on that name , would open the contents of a webpage i have in mind.

I guess here might also be some misunderstanding...

Could it be, that we interpret "loading content of a webpage" differently? I guess we think, that this means you will see a full web page inside Kodi like any browser does (which isn´t possible AFAIK without an already installed browser)..

But I also guess that you mean, to kind of scrape the website and only displaying what the website provides. For example, the website has a list of text (which might be links) and you want to display them in your addon.

In either way....could you please be more specific about "the website you have in mind" (share a link to it please) and what this is all about.

As for now we also might think, that you are trying to write some video addon. And if we should support you, we need to know about the videos which the website you have in mind provides.

So please don´t be vague anymore. Share information to us.

And no...I don´t give email support. This might be interesting for everyone.
I dont want to open a browser through Kodi. I do however want to be able to fetch the contents from a web page and display its contents within the kodi window through my addon , and YES this is possible. See Kodi Live TV the rest of this , further down i explain how to get to the specific button Video xxx

Please if you can have a look at this particular addon.

plugin can be downloade here
or here...

When you install it in kodi , go to Video Addons - Right Click on the Addon and activate the Adult Section.
Then right click on the addon and choose "Update".
Now go into the addon - Radio and Tv Channels - Other Channels - Video xxx.
This will bring up a window with the contents from the site and all the buttons on screen are functioning.
I want to replicate this button "Video XXX"
It opens the site Por33333333om

Yes i have my own addon working but would like to know what the file would look like for future needs on other web sites.

Any help on how to replicate that button would be gladly appreciated

Thank you
Yes of course you can analyse and display elements of a web page in kodi. You have been given examples.

You also have a complete example in kodilive. Learn from it

And no I have no desire to have pornhd on my system.

If you want comments on your code, share it. And read davus posts.
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Having looked at, don't mention it again.
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
The example that you say is complete is the in kodi live?
I was referring to this addon and its link because its the only addon where i see this being done
I would like to understand the structure and code so that i can use it on other sites in the future
Thank you
There are many many addons that scrape web pages. Look through all the video addons in our repo.
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
gamezone69, check this out:
309391 (thread)
Add-on : Bluray iso utils Rewrite of BR_iso_enhancements
Add-on : BR_iso_Enhancements Give theatrical & directors cut from the same bluray iso each their own library entry, use bluray iso's of tv shows as if they are already ripped.

I dont want to open a browser through Kodi.

That´s what he said. Wink


As i can´t find the source to that (strange) add-on it would be best if you copy and paste it on so that everyone is able to have a look what the code exactly does. TBH I will not install that addon and infect my system with whatever it provides.

And as nickr already is to not mention that addon again. It might be a good candidate for the banned add-ons list.
As is the details of the code located in the file.....Created a pastebin file with its contents

The function it does on the site is cool..., organized and mouseless...easy to navigate

I am going to try adopt several functions already built in to the addon such as the search engine which searches every file associated to the addon and returns the correct results

I similarly will not infect my system with kodilive.

Could you please post a screenshot of what a web page looks like in the addon and we'll see what you are trying to acheive.

Post screenshot to and display here with the imgur [img] link here
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
I too would like to know
how to scrap a web url and display its content on kodi! There was a add on I remember installing that did exactly this a year or 2 ago, but I have no idea what it was called, where it’s from, how I found it and what it looks like! I have spent months trying to find it but I can’t find anything! If anyone knows any add-On that does what this guy is asking or what my forgotten add on is called, please say. This is something I really need to know about and only ruuks web viewer (kind of) did what we are asking for. Wink
Hi I am new member in my Kodi screen it says me to post this link in forum
@mohammed Fayazuddin

Your log shows add-ons in use that are banned from this forum as they enable access to Pirated content.

I see Indigo and TVAddons repo installed and running. There may be others. They will have to be removed to receive assistance here.

Please read our Forum Rules and our example list of Banned Add-ons (wiki).

What is your question? What problem are you experiencing?
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