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Assume a movie that has an internal subtitle (within the video file) but also an external srt file in another language in the same folder.
When starting this movie, Kodi always automatically selects the external srt file.

Is there any way to make it always load the internal subtitle automatically ?

If They are encoded into the video they will be there whatever you do, just delete or rename the .srt and it won't load it

or when video playing go to video osd and disable subtitles
Thanks for the reply but maybe I didn't explain very well.

The external srt file is a file I have downloaded in another language and placed there on purpose because I want to have the option of selecting that language when I wish to do so. So, I don't want to delete it or rename it because then I will lose that option.

The internal subtitle is usually in English and is included usually in an mkv file that supports that kind of thing.

So at this point, when starting the movie, Kodi has 2 language options in the subtitle section. English and that other language.
It automatically uses the external file instead of the internal one and I am looking for a way to have it automatically select the internal English one.

Thanks again!
Ah I understand now, not sure to be honest

I am not in front of Kodi at the moment is there no settings in Video > Subtitles
I'm not sure but I assume the logic is that if an external sub file is present it is assumed you want to use it as why else would it be there, and that your type of use case hasn't been considered. Does this happen only on first run of the movie? I assume you disable the external sub via the Video OSD menu, so does it then remember it's been turned off for subsequent runs of the movie? just wondering what exactly is meant by "Kodi always automatically selects the external srt file".
i don't think there's an option in kodi but you can just mux both subtitle files in an mkv.
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