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Nintendo & BREIN Target Seller of ‘Pirate’ Retro Gaming System
Stop feeding.
I will prepare a PR to remove any addon support soonish and will abandon the team in case it will not be merged. This all is getting to hot here...
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I begin to understand why MrMC did what they did Smile

@BigAero, sure, I get your point, I still see it a bit differentiated, and yes, it's really hard to figure out where to draw the line. Please accept the fact that for now we allow the add-on on our forums. And no, I don't say that because I use that add-on or retroplayer, which I don't.
The line is about the user Smile

The addon by itself maybe or may not be legal all depends on many factors, and the Team can chose the factors it wants. Until the addons is actually used, it's always grey and actually despite public image it does not really matters.

When the user use the addons, the users needs to know what he is into. If the user is forced to read TOS / Disclaimer he can't say he does not know.

I do repeat myself, but currently a user that does not visit the forum (And a normal user have no reason to, he find the website, download Kodi then install addons from inside Kodi) have currently no way to know that he may be doing something that he should not in his country.
Thread closing. Opinions noted.
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Nintendo & BREIN Target Seller of ‘Pirate’ Retro Gaming System00