C++ PVR with inputstream.adaptive
Hi, I am trying to build a "native" pvr addon which could open stream with inputstream adaptive interface.

I use a python addon version for doing that right now but I want to move to "native' for better epg integration.

For now I can't find out how I can implement this. Do I simply need to add inputsream add-ons parameter on the channel.strStreamURL or something else?

Some guidances will be very helpful.

I wouldn't recommend using strStreamURL at all. See here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=259830
So, I need to use ReadLiveStream to provide the decrypted data to the "backend" but It seems that I have no way to have this data from inputstream.adaptive.

I try to call "plugin://inputstream.adaptive/?" from OpenLiveStream but haven't find yet how to do it.

Edit: To report back, I haven't found a solution so I will stick with a not devs friendly but usable workaround I use. On OpenLiveStream I call my python plugin with jsonrpc, which take care to launch the video with inputstream.adaptive.
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C++ PVR with inputstream.adaptive00