(fuse)neue.big (Large Text)
This is a large text mod
The .zip file is complete and is renamed as “skin.fuse.neue.big” so it can be installed along side the standard version of (fuse)neue.

Some text has been relocated and most text is replaced with larger, bolder (non)condensed versions of the fonts.

This is based on the latest (as of today) git version 1.0.3
I will do my best to keep it up to date in the future. There are areas I am still working on - Live TV and a few others.
I am happy to attempt any requests, just keep in mind I am new to coding of any kind.

watch gallery

zip download:

EDIT: Updated to Latest GIT 1.0.4 (7.31.2017)
Updated to Latest GIT 1.0.4 (8.11.2017)

zip download:
Is anyone making use of this mod?
I am now using my MET Mod but will continue to update this one if it is needed.
Hi, link is missing.
Can you check?

(2018-03-13, 04:04)Grifone1893 Wrote: Hi, link is missing.
Can you check?

 i checked the link and the file downloaded and opened fine here.
can you try again or provide more info

I am working on a new mod of this skin that goes further enlarging text through out.
For the version 1.04 I receive this message from sync.com:

  (#2110) 1:at/VDgQmvrbNlvudhNH9WkxqUuZv/Eo9duWgidZif5XJQ2DWVnfPkCO+zlI+Xg==The password provided for this link was incorrect. Please double check and ensure the password was entered correctly. The password is case sensitive. If you need further assistance, please contact the person who sent you the link, or feel free to contact us.

This link is missing the key. Please enter the key to access this link. If you do not know what this is, please ask the link owner to provide it.

Anyway, thx and I'll wait for the new version.
The link in post #2 doesn't work, but the one in #1 is OK
thanks for the tip ,fixed now.

I created a new version based on your work. As I love this skin and needed a version with big good readable fonts for a kodi based internet radio with only a 3,5'' screen that I'm building.
You can find it here: https://github.com/hjochman/skin.fuse.neue.big

hjochman 24.Jan 2020:
Adopted Version based on 317776 (thread)
- Made all fonts bigger
- Added outline to scrolling text of music visualization to make it better readable on small screens
- If a music track is started switch to playback screen

thanks for sharing. What version of kodi will this run on?
(2020-01-26, 14:44)mxlance Wrote: @hape
thanks for sharing. What version of kodi will this run on?

Still 17.6, as the skin is the main reason why all my Kodi installations are still on the release. Also I see no benefits in Kodi 18 for my use case.
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