[GUIDE] Build a headless kodi music system for £150
How are the speakers powered, or are they active speakers?
This looks so cool, and very easy to implement! Now thinking of using something like this!
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Kodi: 4 Raspberry Pi 3 running Libreelec -  on the main PC - running Linux Mint
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(2018-09-14, 01:02)HeresJohnny Wrote: How are the speakers powered, or are they active speakers?
 They are passive, which is pretty much the advantage of using the Justboom amp. Beauty is the whole system only needs 1 power socket.
(2018-09-13, 09:46)docwra Wrote: Hmm no issues here, using google chrome.

Could a mod move this into the tips and tricks forum please?
 No worries Doc, it's working now. One word: Bitdefender. Was also preventing me from streaming from my HDHomeRun device properly due to it's draconian lockdown methods. God forbid you try to run Windows Blinds with it, as that's also an excercise in frustration. Uninstalled. lol.


Nice guide. Thanks for sharing.

Dan / Gib.
One thing I've noticed with my TP-Link Powerline Adapters (4x TL-PA9020P - V1) is that periodically, the centre light (Connection quality) will go red and all connectivity will cease. In my case I live in a flat with "Economy 7" electric, which switches to cheap rate at midnight, and back to normal rate at 6am. The connection between my desktop (& 1st NAS) and the HTPC has reached the heady heights of 900-1,000Mbps before now, but the link to the bedroom is only about 600mbps max. Wall adapters, phone chargers or anything AC->DC seems to have a negative effect on performance across the entire ring main, and switching between cheap-rate and normal-rate electric occasionally causes TP-Link's Powerline adapters to flip out. Simply turning off the switch on the RCD for "Sockets" for 10 seconds, and flipping it back on again cures the problem.

Since both my NAS devices have UPS backup, and it's easier to access the RCD, than the wall socket on/off switches, this isn't a major issue for me, but something that buyers may want to factor in. Also, on my devices, it's not possible to disable the QoS feature on the adapters. So i set mine to "Audio / Video" and this seems to have the least amount of negative impact on the network as a whole. As Docwra says, it's certainly a better alternative to WiFi, and the speed fluctuates a lot less on Powerline than it does on WiFi, certainly. The total performance, is however, largely dependant on the quality (and the age) of your internal wiring, so YMMV.
Touch wood, since I got the new AV2000 model Power line network adapters they have worked pretty good and been stable for 4 months now.

I've wired the rest of my house to 10gbit now with Cat6 Cables but the raspberry pi is just a bit too far away for that.

Happy with the adapter solution for now as long as it proves stable. Speed is pretty awful, but i'm guessing thats a limitation of the raspberry pi network socket.
Kodi works for me perfect on Rpi4, LibreELEC, HifiBerry and active speakers. Headless and with monitor. Only problem: AirPlay doesn't work without monitor.

I use a mini-HDMI-to-HDMI adaptor, and because I had trouble with waking the TV, I uncommented the "hdmi_force_hotplug=1" in config.txt.

A common problem?
OK, 2 years later, I have finally done it! Mine cost less than £150 (zero actually!!) I had a spare raspberry Pi3b and active amplifier. I couldn't get Google Home to work properly, and this is perfect! Going to make one for the bedroom too, and have given me an idea for the kitchen as well! 

Better late than never LOL

I did have an issue - as I copy/paste sources/mediasources/passwords across my Kodi instances, I forgot to copy over passwords and wondered for half an hour why nothing was working LOL. But what is great is that my centralised music library can be added to more rooms!!! (YAY!)
Server: Ubuntu Server 22TB HDD running SAMBA
Kodi: 4 Raspberry Pi 3 running Libreelec -  on the main PC - running Linux Mint
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@tjay260476 , can I ask you what your 'active amplifer' is? 

I've recently come back to this after finally figuring out the Mysql option.  I have Kodi sorted for the TV & PC.  But I'm struggling a bit with the audio options for a Pi music player that would go in the kitchen (for example).  Each Pi HAT has their pluses and minus'.  Ideally, I'm looking for a one plug solution and maybe sticking a Pi4 into one of their 7 inch touchscreens.
My active amp is an ancient marantz amplifier it does the job’
Server: Ubuntu Server 22TB HDD running SAMBA
Kodi: 4 Raspberry Pi 3 running Libreelec -  on the main PC - running Linux Mint
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yeah! i use both methods as well
Very nice Smile
@AdahAlexandraB2 If you don't want your forum account to be terminated immediately, I suggest you stop posting nonsense in any thread on this forum. This is your only warning.
Exciting project!
I'm wanting to do something similar (wanting to configure my raspberry pi with kodi as a UPnP client /DLNA renderer), but I currently got no screen to connect the pi to. Do anyone here know how to configure Kodi for this purpose on the terminal? What steps do I need to take and which are the relevant files and lines of configuration to do this?

Thankful for any help or pointer
Hi there,
I am very much interested in running Kodi headless only when playing music.
I understand that the OP decided to go with iOS Kodi native remote app. Can I do the same with Yatse? Or maybe Kore? Or maybe some other Kodi remote that was developed with playing/managing music remotely?
I have my FireTv stick connected to the TV via HDMI cable. Maybe I can buy a HDMI splitter and connect the FireTv stick to the inlet of the splitter and the TV on the outlet 1 and the amplifier to the outlet 2 of the splitter.
Then, when I want to play music all I need to do is to change the HDMI splitter to position 2, power up the Amp and control Kodi to play my music library via Yatse or Kore.
Is this doable? Can Yatse/Kore show me my music library? And allow me to create playlists that I can save?
Thanks in advance.
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[GUIDE] Build a headless kodi music system for £1501
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