OS X -  Kodi unable to connect remote server?
Keep getting this message when scanning my new content with moviedb and tvdb, I'm on an old mac mini with helix 14.2. Been using this mac solely as a kodi box for the best part of a decade never had this happen to me before, any suggestions?

If I add a new season to an existing tv show it downloads the information as normal.
Do the check for addon updates somewhere in kodi.
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Both the moviedb and tvdb are up to date.
(2017-07-09, 19:48)Terrornaught Wrote: Both the moviedb and tvdb are up to date.

Were you ever able to find a fix for this? I am having the same error and it happens every time I try to update my library, therefore my new movies or tv shows rarely show up.
Here I'm having the same issue. Already reset my android box to factory defaults, reinstall kodi but it can't connect to remote server.
What is going on and how can we solve this out?
Hello @Henrique.martini

You mention Android Box, but you have posted in the Apple Mac thread.

Which is it? If Android I will move your post to the appropriate area
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Hi Karellen! You are right, can move it... but maybe the same problem, and there is no real or pratical solution for it...
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