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Very Punch Drunk - Need A Remote
Hello all,

After upgrading my Windows boxes my Auvisio/Ortek 1100 remotes no longer function as well as they used to with EventGhost.

I've had enough trying to get them to work as it's the lack of signed drivers causing the issue. (believe me I tried all the tricks/forum posts that google can throw up)

So that's it am done with them but now am having a headache trying to find and understand which remotes will work.

Can someone (or more) please advise a specific remote and usb receiver I can use?

After everything I've gone through I cannot be face working with EG or custom setups any more so I need something that will just work under Win 7 and up.

When I plug in the usb receiver the drivers will auto install (or comes with drivers to manually install). I don't need a remote with a keyboard or touchpad (but still having some sort of mouse control with left and right click would be very handy - like on the Ortek). Not interested in Flirc, CEC or Harmony types as that to me just means more fiddling about.

Apologies if am sounding a bit abrupt Stare but I just need an easy solution and am a very very tired and fed up man at the moment.

Thanks and cheers in advance.
Confusion is just a state of mind.
Hi FlashPan,

Like you, i prefer not fiddling with stuff like Flirc, EG and the likes to get a remote going.
I opted for an MCE remote. This type of rc6 remote works with the registry, easily managed with advanced remote mapper (you will find it in this forum).

The remote i like the most is the Xbox360 remote, but any rc6 remote will work (almost) ootb.

Let me know if you want any further information.
Thanks Atreyu,

Will look at the variety of RC6 remotes. I was getting quite confused with mce and rc6

Cheers again.
Confusion is just a state of mind.
Since you use eventghost I would suggest you get a Tivo Slide Pro remote. I have one and its been the best Kodi remote I've used. There is an Eventghost plugin dedicated to it which can be found here
[Image: all-thin-banner.jpg]
I just did a quick write up on the PS3 BlueRay remote. It pairs easy, needs no manual driver installation (win 7 and 10) and buttons are easy to map. It is a bluetooth remote so if you have bluetooth built in no receiver is needed. I have 5 of them.

PS3 remotes are $10/ea or $12 for the new ones with the TV IR blaster buttons (controls TV, AMP and PS3).

There is a power draw issue, This thread offers a possible fix to the issue, my take on it anyway...

Here is a pix of the older remotes and one of the newer ones w/ TV IR blaster buttons

I used a P-Touch to make custom stickers for the buttons after I mapped them


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