v17 -  Can't find MediaCodec(surface) or MediaCodec options in settings?

Long story short, I am having a problem and from what I have read it could by solved by enabling MediaCodec(surface) and disabling MediaCodec.

The issue here is when I go into Kodi 17.1 I cannot find these option that everyone else seem have to have.

I am looking under System -> Player Settings -> Videos.
When I enable Expert settings I am seeing 2 hardware acceleration options under "Processing" but there are no options to enable MediaCodec(surface) or MediaCodec. The options are:
1. Allow hardware acceleration - VDPAU
2. Allow hardware acceleration - VAAPI

Does anyone know if these setting are related to MediaCodec or how I could change MediaCodec since the options are not here?

MediaCodec is Android only.

Why don't you tell us what the problem is and provide a Debug Log along with it?
Cool thanks. I posted a thread about the problem here Smile
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Can't find MediaCodec(surface) or MediaCodec options in settings?00